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2012 to the Future Mix!

2012 to the Future Mix

This mix is the flip side to the 50 track 1962 mix I created for the Next50, the 50th Anniversary of Seattle Center.  There I was trying to create a mix of music you could have heard in 1962 the year Seattle Center was created for the Seattle World’s Fair.  In this mix I am looking towards the future from the vantage point of Seattle in 2012.  

As always I was looking for music that I thought would create an inviting atmosphere in the International Fountain where the mix will play.  In this mix I wanted to feature music that was innovative and music that was inspired by thinking about the future. 

I was also looking for music that was actually new.  I am happy to say there are a couple of tracks that were just released in the past month and one track that will be released in May.  Thrice I reached back past 2000 to highlight older tracks.

As in my 1962 Mix  I wanted to feature Seattle based artists. I drew upon my personal knowledge and musical connections and also put out a call on Soundcloud.  I am proud to say I have sixteen Seattle based artists in this mix!  A few of these are artist who have only just released their first recordings.

Here’s a list of the Seattle based artists in the mix with their track number in the mix, check the track number for more info and a link to their music.

Shabazz Palaces, Track 13
Amphibian Children, Track 15
Fabricator, Track 16
Mista Chatman, Track 20
Sebastian Lange, Track 25
Truckasauras, Track 27
Sliptide, Track 28
FivepErcEnTJoe, Track 29
Subaqueous, Track 31
Yugenro, Track 37
Splatinum, Track 41
Kurt Lorenz, Track 42
Jazzyspoon, Track 43
Michael Maricle, Track 46
Das Dhoom, Track 48
Scntfc, Track 50

1. Múm “I’m 9 Today”
From the Icelandic group’s 2005 album “Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK”

2. Mexican Institute of Sound “Libertad de Expresion”
From 2010’s “Suave Patria” created to celebrate the bicentennial of Mexican independence.

3. Flying Lotus  Thing “Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix)”
From 2008’s “L.A. EP 2 x 3”

4. El Trip Selector “Cumbiancherita”
From the 2009 release ZZK Sounds Vol. 2 

5. Vitamin String Quartet “House of Cards” 
From 2009, a string quartet arrangement of a track from Radiohead’s 2007 release “In Rainbows.”

6. Heyoka “Bass Case”
From the Bay Area bass music maker’s 2009 release “Whomp Gland Pineal Dub”

7. Wu-Tang Clan “Alphabets” (Dakimh Instrumental Remix)
From 2010’s “Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture, Vol. 2”

8. Umami “Great Falls, MT”
From 2005’s “Theme for Travel”


9. Pulshar “United States of Pulshar”
From the 2010 release “Inside” by the Barcelona based group.

10. J Dilla “So Far To Go”
From the instrumental version of the famed Detroit based producer’s 2006 album “The Shining.”

11. Loscil “Emma”
From the Vancouver, BC based artist’s 2004 release “First Narrows”

12. Midbrain “Particle Collision Recording at the CERN Geneva” [excerpt]
The original recording is 54 minutes 33 seconds.  Go listen to it!  Released in 2011 via Soundcloud.

13. Shabazz Palaces “Blastit”
From 2009, Mbira infused HIp Hop from Seattle! Yes, I did edit this for swearing.

14. Oddissee “Iz U Wit It”
The prolific Hip Hop producer is originally from Washington, DC and this track comes from his 2006 “Instrumental Mixtape (Vol.2)”

15. Amphibian Children “Monoceph Ladyboy”
From the Seattle based artist’s  2011 release “Amphibian Childrens Party Songs.”

16. Fabricator “Stuck in Limbo” (Seattle Center Mix)
 A Seattle based artist, this exclusive mix of ‘Stuck in Limbo” was produced in April 2012.  Fabricator’s profile on Soundcloud:

17. Drexon Field “Mountain System”
From 2005’s “Stratosphere Control”:

18. Robot Koch “Cloud City (feat. Boxcutter)
From Berlin based artist’s 2010 release “Songs for Trees and Cyborgs.”
PS. Robots don’t sleep!

19. Black Star Liner “Yemen Cutta Connection Dub”
Originally from Leeds,  this is from the BLS release from 2000: “Twelve Inch Confrontation Mix.”

20. Rx & Mista Chatman “Aqua Chat”
Mista Chatman is an international big man of mystery, who resides at least part time in Seakkle (aka Seattle).  This track made with producer Rx was released April 16, 2012.

21. Beautiful Mistery “Oadh2”
Released on at the end of 2011 via Soundcloud by the Mexico City based artist.

22. Paul Jove “Coqueio” (Mad Pituko Remix)
Straight out of Bolivia with a wild mix of rock, hip hop & electronic music, the artist Paul Jove aka Pituko remixes the Cochambamba based band Trimate.   Released in 2011.

23. Austra “Beat and the Pulse”
The band from Toronto first released this track as a single at end of 2010.  Another version appeared on the album “Feel it Break” in 2011. Here are links to both:

24. Caribou “Odessa”
From the Canadian artist’s 2010 release “Swim.”

25. Sebastian Lange “0000”
An artist originally from Germany who’s now based in Seattle! From his 2010 ambient release “01”

26. Black Soul Gem “Intergalactic Symphony 2”
Originally released in 2011 via Soundcloud, this track is now unavailable, however  you can listen to other tracks by this Detroit based producer here:

27. Truckasauras “Show These People Who’s Springsteen”
From the Seattle based live electronic band’s 2010 release  “Quarters.”

28. Sliptide “Everything After”
A Seattle based artist, this track appeared on the SeattleSoundClouders compilation in 2011. 
Sliptide’s profile on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/sliptide

29. FivepErcEnTJoe “The Trouble With You”
A Seattle based artist this was released on Soundcloud in February 2012:

30 Geinoh Yamashirogumi “Kaneda”
A blast from the past about the future! From the 1988 Japanese anime film set in a dystopic Neo-Tokyo of 2019.  The music is a unique mix of Indonesian angklung music and Japanese contemporary sounds. I thought it was worth revisiting this music as we are now only seven years away from the time of the imagined Neo-Tokyo and also as the music remains fresh and invigorating.

31. Subaqueous “Cryptic” 
This is an advance track from the forthcoming “Immerge” release by this Seattle based artist.  You can listen to other Subaqueous sounds here:

32. Starscream “Kepler’s Star Catalog”
Starscream is now known as Infinity Shred.  This track is from 2010’s “Future, and It Doesn’t Work”

33. Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects “Moulssinia”

Released in 1991 this music was so far ahead of its time that many critics really had no idea how to even understand where it was coming from.  I’m including it here, as it has held up incredibly well and deserves to be more widely known.  Twenty one years after the initial release, and post Arab Spring I think people can more easily recognize the beautiful creativity of this piece.  It’s a mix of traditional Moroccan shaabi music with elegant dub and electronic music. AKJE went on to produce additional albums with well known producers such as Bill Laswell.  Those later albums are nice but their debut “El Buya” has a special one-of-a-kind musical magic.

34. Resynthesize “My Friend T3”
A Sacramento, CA based artist, this is from 2006’s “Heart & Soul Direct” and is believe it or not a free download. I recommend picking it up!

35. Quint “White Feathers” [excerpt]
An artist from Dresden, Germany this track is from Quint’s album “20:34” released in February 29, 2012.

36. Sigur Rós “Svefn-G-Englar”
Released in 1999 this track by the Icelandic group has held up as being innovative.
A snippet of album version on Amazon:
The full “demo” version on Soundcloud:

37. Yugenro “PolyexEm”
A Seattle based artist, this piece was released onto Soundcloud in April of 2012.

38. Explosions in the Sky “First Breath After Coma”
From the Austin based groups 2003 release “The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place.”

39. Battles “Ice Cream” (feat. Matias Aguayo)
Founded in New York, this is from the band’s 2011 release “Gloss Drop.” 

40. Débruit “Nigeria What?”
From the Parisian beat maker’s 2010 “Spatio Temporel EP.”

41. Splatinum “Evo” (Remix)
This track can be found on the Seattle based duo’s 2010 release “We Are Splatinum.”

42. Kurt Lorenz “Jumping Green”
An artist based in Seattle, this track was released at the end of 2008.

43. Jazzyspoon “Recherche”
A release from 2011 by the Seattle based artist.
44. Yacht “SHTML”
A track from 2003 when Yacht was a solo project of Portland, Oregon’s Jona Bechtolt.

45. Gavin Douglas & Pyay Kwauk Seinn “Irish Saing”
An exclusive track from my collection, not available online.  Canadian guitarist and ethnomusicologist Gavin Douglas plays a traditional Irish tune with Burmese pat waing player Pyay Kwauk Seinn.  A hitherto unheard of musical mix.  For those of you who can’t come to the fountain to hear it and have never heard of the pat waing, here’s a video of a solo piece by the pat waing player Pyay Kyauk Seinn:

46. Michael Maricle “Future Blues”
A Seattle based artist, this is from his 2010 release “Reflections.”

47. Subatomic Sound System, Nomadic Wax & Anthony B “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk” (Nate Mars Lightas Up Mix)”
Subatomic Sound & Nate Mars are based in New York and Nomadic Wax is an African Hip Hop label based in the East Coast of the U.S.A.  Nate Mars Lightas Up Mix adds beautifully textured downtempo to the mix of Dancehall Reggae, Senegalese drumming, hip hop and bass music in the original.

BTW: “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk” in and of itself is a great time capsule of electronic music production styles in 2012.  There are 16 remixes by 14 different producers in the collection.  For more about this impressive remix collection read my article in For Young Moderns:

48. Das Dhoom “Patience of Dhoom”
Yes Das Dhoom is my own band.  This track is from 2011 and mixes Western & Hindustani classical music,  nine different styles of electronic beats and all sorts of acoustic percussion.  Deepayan Acharjya plays ghatam & dhol, Sebastian Lange plays violin & synths and electronic beats, and yours truly James Whetzel plays sarod, tabla, dholak, darbouka and other percussion.  I also did the throat singing and handled the arrangement, effects and mixing.

49. Swami “Desi Rock”
UK based artist DJ Swami has been innovating truly great sounds in the bhanga scene for several years.  This track from 2004 retains both the power to rock and surprise.


50. Scntfc “Saints of Infinity, Part 9”
I knew I would end this mix with this track.  it’s a great track that is an innovative meditation on the future of humanity and was created made by a Seattle based artist to boot! 

Originally released on a series of vinyl EPs it also appears on the 2000 double CD release “Saints of Infinity/Simulated DIY.”  At that time Scntfc was working under the name Sientific American.  He later would use the name Scientific American.  I couldn’t find a link for this track online, so you will just have to come to the fountain to hear it or buy a copy of the double disc!  In lieu of that here is a link to some of his work from 2011:

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